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Experimenting ???
Newby001 posted:
I have started tracking the foods I am eating because I have had several relapse's since my last posting and it was not from the exercise. The first one was hours after eating dinner, I had to go back on the crutches for 24 hours until the symptoms were back under control. So I charted what I had eaten that day and determined it may have been the beef. So last night, I enjoyed steak and potatoes with my son's and within hours I was rubbing my legs down with alcohol in hope of taking some of the soreness away, but 2 am I was up on the crutches again in severe pain. Of course a dose of Medrol brings it under control after about 5 hours of taking it. I don't want to do it again but I am going to go at least 3 days with no beef, and I am going to have a T-Bone Steak to see if this is in fact one my culprits. OMG I can not imagine my plate without the occasional Steak....
hackwriter responded:
Dear Newby,

Hope you'll keep us posted on the results of your experiment. It would be sad if you couldn't enjoy eating beef without suffering for it later.

Although what you are describing are not really relapses if you are recovering within hours, lots of things can cause a pseudo-flare, a temporary worsening of symptoms that are not caused by an inflammatory attack on the CNS.

Looking forward to reading another installment of the Beef Chronicles, lol. Take care.

Newby001 replied to hackwriter's response:
No, No, No...don't get me wrong here. Recovered HA!!! I am fighting a war on this disease without proper amunition. After 3 years of doctors guess work for a diagnosis, I am now back tracking days prior to the last debiliting increase in pain level that leaves me unable to walk. It attack me, and I am attacking right back!!! I am just wondering if anyone has noticed an increase in pain level after digesting certain foods so that I can watch them on my radar as well. I am back on my feet but for who knows how long. So if anyone can enlighten me that would be very much appreciated.
ireneliz replied to Newby001's response:
yes its the beef!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i stop eating beef and i feel so good i miss my beef but i cant tellyou how good i feel i have not had beef for 2 weeks and NO Dairy either its hard i only eat fish fruits and veg i just got tired of feeling tired pain not be able to walk etc its only been 2 weeks now but i see and feel the dif i can stay awake all day and for me thats great its better than have to take speed which i didnot like there is other things you will want to do like take 10,000 d3 and 400 zinc 1000 l-lysine i have been going to its helping like i said i can stay awake with no drugs

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