sorry for digging out a 2 month old topic...
just1query posted:
but aren't these two conditions contrary to one another? One is an autoimmune condition (body's own defenses attacks self) and the other is a condition that attacks the immune system. In other words, if you have MS and then get AIDS, shouldn't the AIDS cure the MS!?!?!? I mean, the AIDS would kill all the cells that are attacking the myelin around the nervous system right?
hackwriter responded:
Great question, and my research doesn't turn up a whole lot, so I can't be helpful. Your reasoning makes sense, but my first thought is that MS is complicated and still rather mysterious, more complicated than T-cells attacking white matter, inflaming it and leaving scar tissue.

I have read that some doctors tell their MS/HIV patients to choose between an MS therapy and an HIV therapy, claiming that together, the two drug therapies would counteract one another--but on the other hand, there are also MS/HIV patients taking both therapies.

I hope someone knowledgeable about epidemiology and autoimmune disease will comment. Thanks for asking an interesting question.