Experimenting Follow up
Newby001 posted:
Had a wonderful cook out with my sons loaded with beef!!!! I ate only beef to make sure I was only responding to beef, and again by the end of the night I could hardly walk. Refusing to take the Medrol until I could tell for sure if it is in fact my consumption of beef, I waited until the next morning, Sunday and I was on crutches again. I awaken this Monday morning with a reduced pain level, not completely gone but not throwing me on the crutches today. Not wanting to be a believer... I am going to try another one of my favorites, Roast Beef with gravy, potatoes and onions. May as well go off beef in a blaze of glorious food!!!! My God if that one cripple me, I am done. I have often wondered about the milk because that is a constant staple in my household, can't imagine a day without it either, but I will test this theory too. Because feeling better is the name of this game. I have also considered the Atdkins diet, but that has GOAT written all over it...meaning some of those meals are akin to eating paper...tasteless. OMG...not beef ((( I am so unhappy about this.
ireneliz responded:
stop all beef and dairy prouducts and i feel like my oldself its hard but it works get on a new diet you will see