I have to pick a new med : (
beckym2005 posted:
I was dx with ms about two years ago. the first year I was on Betaseron but the medication burned like a son of a gun. My Dr switched me to Gillenya - LOVED IT. However, I am now having problems with my heart going into fast rythms and palpitations so they are pulling me off the pills. They can be 100 percent sure they are causing the problems but they want to be safe. My blood pressure was slowly creeping up as well. I have been searching all night long the past few nights and it seems like every med out there burns. I dont mind the actual needle but the horrible burning is not something I can deal with well. Any suggestions on which med I should try next? I am leaning towards avonex or rebif but I really dont have a clue where to start.
hackwriter responded:
Dear Becky,

A new pill called Aubagio has just been FDA approved, so that is immediately available to you. Another pill called BG-12 will become available in early 2013. You also have the option of Tysabri, which is an intravenous, once-a-month drug. For more info on these drugs, search the WebMD site and the internet, there is a fair amount of info on them. Your doctor should be familiar with these and can advise you as well.