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Avonex pen anyone?
farside_fan posted:
Several months ago, I posted about using the newly FDA approved Avonex Pen and had a reply or two to it, and I'm following up to find out if anyone else has tried it.

The Avonex Pen has been a miracle for me since I started injecting with it. Yes, I still have all the weird things that accompany MS (mine is relapsing/remitting) but the best part of ALL is that I no longer have to depend on anyone to inject me weekly.

The pen injects instantly WITHOUT any kind of pain whatsoever. I still experience some muscle tightness and chills afterwards but just take two more Advils and go to bed and sleep off the effects.

I'm totally HAPPY with the Avonex Pen. Just hate that it took Biogen-Idec 15 years to get it on the market!!! GRRRRR!

Hope everyone had a good weekend.......

Rory26312 responded:
Just filled the script and got instruction so next shot will be the first one

farside_fan replied to Rory26312's response:
Hey Rory, I want you to post after you've used the pen. I'd like to know what you think! It just doesn't get any easier than this......except for a PILL, but I'm staying on Avonex. I no longer dread "shot day" as I've done for the past 15 years.

Best of luck to you!!!

mykidsarespecial replied to farside_fan's response:
Hey Suzanne,
Do I just ask my neurologist about the Avonex pen? I have been taking the shot now for 12 years and I DO NOT look forward to shot day.
And does the insurance cover it just the same and the self injections?
Rory26312 replied to mykidsarespecial's response:
Yes and yes allthough you have to have a training session on how to use it. I done mine in neuro's office in five minutes so no big deal on that. My insurance covered it with same Co-pay. My first one tonight so will let you know tomorrow.

farside_fan replied to Rory26312's response:
I had to have a nurse (via Medco or wherever I get my meds from!) come to my home and train me on using the Avonex pen and it all was incredibly easy and quick.

I think my heart stopped when I finally gathered up my courage and pushed the plunger to inject my leg and then started laughing 10 seconds later when it was all over with! I never felt a thing (other than pushing the pen against my leg)!!!

And to think I've waited over FIFTEEN YEARS to accomplish something so simple and virtually painless in the process. YAY!!!

Can't wait to hear your results with the Avonex Pen!

farside_fan replied to mykidsarespecial's response:
My neuro wrote a new script for me for the Avonex Pen and there wasn't a problem at all. And as Rory said, everything should remain the same with your insurance company, too.

I also hated "shot day" every week as it got to be an inconvenience and a drag for me to have to "depend" on someone else to administer the shot.

The Avonex Pen CHANGED all that!!! I simply inject myself when I want to each week, at MY convenience, then go to bed, and sleep off the side effects I still get sometimes. It can't get much easier!

For more information, go to and watch the 2-minute video about the pen. There's also a 30-day trial pack you can sign up for. Biogen-Idec is SUPER about answering any questions you might have and there is a number listed.

Good luck! You'll no longer DREAD taking a weekly injection once you start on the Avonex Pen!

Rory26312 responded:
Hi Suzanne and mykidsarespecial

Well that was quick and easy no trouble at all . I guess I have been lucky over the years in that I have never been afraid of needles so I never dreaded shot night , also I never have had a really hard time with side effects.

Suzanne have you ever found that you woke up a few hours after the shot and could not get back to sleep but otherwise felt fine. This started with me about two years ago (I am now ten years on Avonex). It is mildly annoying but not something that causes fatigue or any other sort of disability, just curious and thought I would ask.

Based on last night I recomend the pen to anyone on Avonex

farside_fan replied to Rory26312's response:
No, I've never had any problems staying asleep after injection night. For several years, I had massive problems with Avonex and the aches and chills it caused for several hours afterwards, but it's seemed to taper off. I just have to make SURE I take a couple of Advil before my injection and another two a few hours later and they keep the Avonex injection at bay and I'm back to normal the next day.

I've never been needle "phobic" but just dreaded the effects of the Avonex and had to learn to live with the downside of the drug. Everything's fine now!!!

There are days that FATIGUE has really been bad and NO amount of sleep will help as it's not a "sleep related" problem to begin with, with me. Many other MSer's say that our fatigue problems are MS-medicine related, but I'm still not gonna let it rule my life!!! I don't have TIME to sit down!!!

My bull terrier (Ava) and I walk two or three miles a day after I get off work and it actually takes my mind off of the fatigue I'm feeling at the time. Once we walk our route every afternoon, THEN I'm fatigued and will rest!!!

Hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend. Fall weather and cooler temps are slowly making headway to East Texas.
I'm praying for a short winter and a LONG spring!!!

HOW do you post pictures on WebMD? I'm clueless!!!

Rory26312 replied to farside_fan's response:
Hi Suzanne

Go to my account ,it is one of the options under your screen name (top right of page) . When you click that it should let you into your profile and adding a picture is one of the options there.

Weather is pretty much like yours in New York tending to be rainy, but I am Irish so I am used to rain.

farside_fan replied to Rory26312's response:
Thanks for the photo upload information!

Just for the record......I was in upstate New York several years ago for my youngest brother's wedding and LOVED the countryside area of Rochester! It was beautiful and reminded me so much of East Texas with the rolling hills and I got to see RED apples growing in orchards.....a FIRST for me!!! Down here, I'm accustomed to seeing peach and pear trees only. I need to do more traveling around the USA! Ha!

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