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Low BUN level?
freckles1963 posted:
Hi there I have had MS for 5 years.....have been having a lot of problems not relating to MS per my neuro dr. Fast pulse,Papitations (sp?) High Bp and super weak. Wearing a Heart Monitor now for the next month and Echo test tomorrow...ugh! Anyway my Primary Dr did blood tests and BUN came back at 5 so low has anyone else with MS had this happen to them?

Rory26312 responded:
Hi freckles

I have never heard of MS directly causing kidney promblems but my first two thoughts would be something caused by meds or possibly another auto-immune that is effecting the kidneys.

I had a lot of heart tests done last year following a fainting episode but it turned out to be a seizure condition . I am not saying you have that but just letting you know that I feel your pain.

Make sure you follow up and let us know how you are doing.

hackwriter responded:

My only thought is that a lot of MSers suffer from a neurogenic bladder--meaning you retain urine and might have to self-cath, and probably have chronic urinary tract infections--and that condition can cause serious kidney damage over time.

If you do not have this bladder condition, then something else must be responsible for that low BUN level. Hope you'll find out soon and can get treated quickly, kidney trouble is bad news. Please let us know what you find out. And I do hope you'll feel better soon!

doggsbone replied to hackwriter's response:
hey kim ,
i know that the ms does cause bladder and urinary problems inconsistancy loss of muscle control but a little fuzzy on what BUN level is. please explain
hackwriter replied to doggsbone's response:

Read the WebMD info link below for an explanation about BUN and blood creatinine tests and the roles they play in monitoring kidney health:


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