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    Could these symptoms have anything to do with MS?
    MJCole posted:
    Have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia for over a year now.

    Symptoms I now am having all together..Depression.
    Fatigue big time.
    All joints burning.
    Muscle pain in arms and legs.
    Right hand toes tingling and painful.
    Memory problems: forgot how to get off toilet, forgot grand daughters last name, went to put clothes in sink, not washer.
    Heat sensitivity.
    Cold sensitivity.
    Light sensitivity.
    eye pain when moving left eye, cloudiness at times, cataracts and floaters both eyes.
    Headaches coming on suddenly, more frequently.
    Can't raise arms straight up without pain.
    Losing balance,falling.
    hand weakness and shakes at times.
    right leg twitching,jerking and painful at night. (keeps me awake).
    left arm twitching and jerking mostly at night.

    It seems now that taking 100 mgs in morning and 75 mgs at night Savella for my Fibro isn't helping any more. Can't increase the Savella due to horrible nightmares.

    I can't help wondering if something else is going on now too.

    Thanks for any help.
    hackwriter responded:
    Dear MJCole,

    The main problem is that Fibro and MS share many similar symptoms, so nobody on this forum can really give you any informed feedback based on your list of symptoms.

    One important difference is that Fibro does not attack the Central Nervous System and cause brain and spine lesions like MS does. So one can assume you had MRIs done to rule out MS back when you received the Fibro diagnosis and those scans were negative for lesions. If you did not have those scans, and if you suspect MS, you could ask your doctor for brain and spine MRIs.

    If your pain meds aren't working anymore, contact your doctor for advice about whether you can increase the dose or try something different such as gabapentin or Lyrica, anti-convulsants that treat neuropathic pain. Leg spasms can be treated with a muscle relaxer.

    It sounds like you need to speak to your doctor about these symptoms and get a plan of action to better treat them. And if you have concerns about it being MS, you need to discuss this with your doc, too. A fair number of Fibro patients go on to receive an MS diagnosis, either because they were misdiagnosed or because they have both conditions. You've got to be assertive about it and bring it up during your next appointment.

    Rory26312 responded:
    Hi MJ

    While your symptoms could be MS related there are many other things that could cause them and as you know Fibro is one of them.

    The rest of this is a saved post that should help you understand the process
    If you suspect MS as the cause of your symptoms you need to try the following.

    1 Find a neuro who specializes in MS or an MS care center, try for patient reviews on a state by state basis.

    2 Be prepared to undergo all testing the require which may include,

    A MRI's of the brain and cervical spine with and without contrast to look for active and inactive liaisons.

    B Possibly a lumber puncture/ spinal tap to look for proteins and O-bands in the fluid around your brain and spine.

    C Evoked potential testing to check the speed of your nerve responses, any delay can indicate inflammation.

    D A complete neuro workup and a review of your medical history, try to keep a journal of your symptoms and how long the last and any triggers you can think have.

    After all this which can take some time, you can hope that a specialist has enough info to make a diagnosis or at least rule out MS altogether, all though there are no guarantees as we often see false negatives or inconclusive results

    For now find a specialist and follow his/her advice , let us know how you are doing and know that most of us have been where you are and indeed some on here still are there.

    doggsbone replied to Rory26312's response:
    agree i have never heard of it causing direct kidney problems but i know with the amount of meds they got me on it has definitly affected my liver and kidneys.sorry about your seizure condition rory i have the same condition so i feel your pain and frustration.

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