Ampyra - Lower back pain
Energy4you10 posted:
I just started the product and the lower back pain was really bad. Stopped for a couple days and did it again, same problem. Seems like the pain might be coming from Kidneys flairing up, not just muscle. Any thoughts ? I am off this stuff for a while
GailE responded:
I started using this product and in 3 months noticed a great improvement in my walking. Then was hit with a dibilitating back ache which went away the first day I stopped taking the medication. Quite dissapointed, I might start again but will wait a while and see.
Energy4you10 replied to GailE's response:
Yes, good luck Gail. I do the following.
Oral Tolerance Treatment - Basically taking supplements that have Bovine Myelin that the body attacks and leaves our myelin alone. Very popular but very cheap so drug companies did not get behind it.
Rebif - What the heck, who knows ?
Glutathione IV shots. - Not covered by insurance but works very well. Several things he does, but IV self injected IV shots, plus nutritionals. Likely will need to find a doctor local that follows his protocol, to get the right blood work done. When I get blood the nurses all look at the request and wonder what the heck is this doctor looking for. This reaction actually makes me more confident.
The final thing is 15 day treatment called I am on day 5 now and feel really good. You will need very good insurance. Came out in 1978, very good results, but insurance companys did not support snce they wanted to use pharmacological steroids instead of natural.
My overall symptons have been very minor, just dont want this thing to getaway from me. Good luck