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    Waiting is so hard
    An_249380 posted:
    I'm just looking for some help. I have an appointment with a neurologist, but it's not until January, so I am going crazy in the meantime. Here are some details of my situation:
    - 34 year old relatively healthy female
    - Issues with eye pressure/optic nerve in 2006, but all ok after testing at eye doc.
    - Lost much of hearing in right ear in 2010 (sudden & unexplained). MRI showed white spots, but neuro said that all was fine as long as I was having no other symptoms.
    - Two months ago, disturbing tingling/crawling sensation in right arm, numb at times. EMG was clear. PCP suspects MS and referred me to neuro
    - Feelings of complete exhaustion and lack of concentration.
    - Follow up MRI scheduled this week, appt with neuro in January

    Please help or give me your thoughts...I feel very alone and helpless without answers.
    Thank you!
    hackwriter responded:
    Dear An_,

    Your anxiety is understandable, it is very stressful to know something is wrong and have to wait until someone gives it a name. I remember being there. I had to wait six years for a diagnosis, and that was quite ride.

    Of course no one can diagnose you on this forum, but I can tell you that a number of conditions can cause your symptoms besides MS. Doctors should be thorough in ruling out these numerous other conditions while they test you for MS.

    Tests for MS should include a cervical spine MRI in addition to brain MRIs with and without contrast, a physical exam that tests your strength, coordination, balance and reflexes, a lumbar puncture, and evoked potentials.

    Keep a detailed symptom log and bring it with you to your next neurology appointment. You might want to discuss symptom medications that could make you feel more comfortable. Doing yoga and other relaxing things can help calm you.

    I hope it isn't MS, but if it is, know that there are many online MS forums available besides this one where you can learn about the disease and its symptoms, and talk to people who understand what you're experiencing.

    Even if you don't get a pat answer come January (which is quite possible), feel free to come here any time with your fears, questions, and concerns and we'll try to help.

    Do let us know what you find out in January.

    beccabear123 responded:
    Waiting was very hard for me, very hard!! I found out I had MS in March of this year, 2012, after being misdiagnosed with a brain tumor and after brain surgery, on Feb. 20, 2012, the pathology reports were inconclusive and at one point, I was informed that 99.9% I had malignant Lymphoma in my brain, and I would begin chemo in 6 weeks and I had a less than 1% chance it could be MS! I am happy to say the final report: no cancer, no lymphoma, no malignancy!! Yes, I have MS, but thank God I do not have cancer! The MS medication I take is Copaxone, and it is working great for me. After the brain surgery I developed a text book MS lesion on my spine. I started my treatments in April, and I just had an MRI on November 12th, and the MS lesion is GONE!!!!! YEP, GONE!! Know matter what happens, never give up hope, and just know that MS today, is so much better controlled and treatments available now are so much better than 5,10,15 and 20 years ago!!!! I wish you all the best and hope you do NOT have MS, however, if you do, I hope my story has helped! BTW I am 32.

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