MS in older people
floridalaa posted:
I am 63 yrs. old and have recently been dx with MS. Does this mean I have the primary progressive kind, and that I probably won't need MS treatments?
hackwriter responded:
Dear florida,

I"m sorry to hear of your diagnosis, it must have been quite an upsetting experience--and I'm glad you've come to this forum to ask questions and seek support.

Your doctor should have discussed with you which form has been diagnosed and what treatments are available. No matter which form you have, there are treatment options such as symptom meds and physical therapy that can improve your quality of life.

I hope you'll soon call your neurologist and discuss which form you have and whether there are disease-modifying therapies available to you--as well as treatments for your symptoms. Do let us know what you find out, and feel free to come here any time with your questions and concerns. Hope to hear from you again.

floridalaa replied to hackwriter's response:
Thank You. I have another MRI in Feb. and back to the MS Dr. in March, so maybe he will have answers for me then. I will keep you posted. Merry Christmas