MS Hug
eveningsun08 posted:
Hello all!

Can anyone tell what an MS Hug is and/or what it feels like?
Then pain is aweful!

Rory26312 responded:
Hello eveningsun

When it gets me (rarely) it feels like someone has caught my diaphram and is pushing it into my chest. it is painfull but does not cause any difficulty in breathing.

It is caused by a by a lesion that effects a cluster of nerves in the chest or adominal area and the then give you the feeling that everything is tight and pulling in . Some say it is more like someone is pushing out .

The lesion is located in the brain stem or top of the cervical spine but like most things in MS, it effects different parts of the body and all of us in different ways.

Mine is generally well controlled by a combination of baclofen and gabapentin but again that does not work for everyone.

I hate to say this but some neuros say it is not really a symptom of MS , well I for one disagree.

Hope this helps.