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Possible MS Diagnosis
missraerae posted:
Hello everyone. I am new to this site so forgive me if i dont refrence things with the correct spellings . So ill start from the geginning. About 4 weeks ago i bgan have some dizziness, nothing too bad though. Well it continued and got much worse. Its been 4 weeks now. Althoough the past 2 days i have felt almost normal again. I started having what i described to the dr tunnel vision and blurred/double viosion. I am very fatigued. I can fell it coming on sometimes because my face will start to tibgle and feel kinda num, same thing happens to my tongue. As soon as I thionk i am feeling this i go stright to lay down. I can talk but it is vvery slurred, and according to my husband ill talk about things tht dont make any sense. Also when he or my children try to talk to me it souns kinda like my head is under the water. Also ive been having extremely bad memory loss. the most recent thing thats been ahppening is that i have an extremely dry mouth. this has been going for 3 days now.Im also very cold all the time,, and all the muscles in my body constrict so bad sometomes i cant open my hands because they are so clenched. another symptom is that if I talke a hot shower or bath it seems to trigger things. My Dr said it was most likely MS or seizues on the brain. It will be 2 weeks before i can into get the mri and eeg done, unfortunately i dont have insurence so i have to just wait to see if they will approve it. Ive had to take a leave of absence from work because i never know when its going to happen. I havent left my house almost a monht because of it. So I didnt know if anyone has or have experienced any of these symptoms. other than this health issue i am perfectly fine, never really had any illness before except a cold. So if anyone can relate, please reply back. Thank You. Have blessed day
hackwriter responded:
Dear Missrae,

It sounds like your doc is on the right track. An MRI might reveal the cause of your symptoms. You should have both brain and spine MRIs when testing for MS.

There are many conditions that can cause your symptoms. So if your MRIs are clean, your doc should continue testing for other causes.

I know how difficult it is to wait, not knowing what is wrong and continuing to feel unwell. I hope your tests will shed some light on the problem. Please keep us posted on the results of your tests.


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