ms hug?
JennyBach posted:
I have MS & my mother in law does as well. She has had abdominal/chest pain for @ 1 1/2 years now!! She has been to countless doctors & is on pain meds, but no one has an answer & no one can help ??? She is still in pain constantly- I read about something called "MS hug" - it mirrors her condition- does anyone know anything about this or any treatment?????????
hackwriter responded:
Dear Jenny,

The MS hug occurs when distorted signals from a damaged spinal cord cause the intercostal muscles between the ribs to spasm. It is hard to treat. Sometimes a muscle relaxer such as baclofen might help, or anti-seizure drugs such as Lyrica or gabapentin might be worth a try, but these often don't work.

Some people are soothed by applying warm, moist compresses to the area, or a heating pad.

Hope this helps.