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Jc virus
May715 posted:
My sister has taken Tysabri for 2yrs. now for her MS. She was just diagnosed with JC Virus. The Dr. Was not very clear with her about it and told her it was up to her if she wanted off the treatment. My concern is, now that she had been diagnosed with Jc virus, what will happen next? Can anyone else relate to this?
Neil S Lava, MD responded:
We have the ability to test patients to see if the have been exposed to the JC virus (which causes the brain infection PML). If patients are JC virus positive that will increase their risk of possibly developing PML while on Tysabri.
Your sister needs to have her neurologist explain how her risks have changed (give her the statistical risk) now that she is virus positive. That is the only way she can decide if she is comfortable staying on the Tysabri. Many patients stay on this medication even if JC positive because the drug is so effective for them