Overnight went from extremely active and fit to...
dpat0218 posted:
I am trying to find out if anyone can identify with any of my symptoms.
And I mean overnight! One day i'm this model of fitness and the next, I cannot do any physical activity without excrutiating pain. The symptoms come and go, though!
When my condition flares up, for example, I can only walk for 9 out of 18 holes while playing golf, and the last three holes of those first nine are very difficult. I use to run 30 miles a week. After 9 holes, my feet swell, not the skin but the flesh/muscle tissues underneath, and for the next two days it feels as if I am walking on broken chards of glass.
I am describing only one of my symptoms above. I also wake up with half of my face tingling, sometimes hard to see immediately out of the one eye (on the side I was sleeping on), even my head feels tingly and hear this almost constant "chirping" noise in my head, a bit like crickets in the distance. I struggle digesting any fatty food, many vegetables especially leafy greens. Any part of my body that is expose to a constant pressure for a period of time will display the same symptoms as my feet. I have unexplainable muscle cramping. Eusophagus cramping/spasms are the most painful. It will start as hickups now and then to quick repeated hickups, to cramping of eusophagus onto a cramp that will not go away for 10 to 15 minutes.
I have covered only part of my symptoms. If anyone can share anything with me that would lead me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate.
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