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Can someone have MS without the plaque showing in an MRI?
shelleye posted:
I had an MRI years ago, and it showed NO evident of plaque in the brain. However, my symptoms have continued and are worsening in the past few years. Just wondering if MS can be present without that proof? Please, someone answer me.

Also, what type of doctor would make this ruling? A neurologist? A rheumatologist? I am just so worn out of not receiving answers and my health continuing to spiral. I am losing my ability to function normally societal, or family wise.. HELP!
Rory26312 responded:
Hi sheeleye

The simple answer is yes , what follows is the typical MS diagnosis process.

If you suspect MS as the cause of your symptoms you need to try the following.

1 Find a neuro who specializes in MS or an MS care center, try for patient reviews on a state by state basis.

2 Be prepared to undergo all testing the require which may include,

A MRI's of the brain and cervical spine with and without contrast to look for active and inactive liaisons.

B Possibly a lumber puncture/ spinal tap to look for proteins and O-bands in the fluid around your brain and spine.

C Evoked potential testing to check the speed of your nerve responses, any delay can indicate inflammation.

D A complete neuro workup and a review of your medical history, try to keep a journal of your symptoms and how long the last and any triggers you can think have.

After all this which can take some time, you can hope that a specialist has enough info to make a diagnosis or at least rule out MS altogether, all though there are no guarantees as we often see false negatives or inconclusive results

For now find a specialist and follow his/her advice , let us know how you are doing and know that most of us have been where you are and indeed some on here still are there.

Hope this gives you an idea of where to go from here


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