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Hello again everyone
Lovelyhzleyes posted:
It's Tanya again. I just thought I would give you all an update. I have not seen a neurologist yet, but will be seeing a spine specialist. As it turns out, I was diagnosed and found that I have Spinal Stenosis. My doctor thinks this the culprit for causing, fatigue, pain, dropping things, etc, etc ... I still believe I need a neurologist, but hey, I'm not a doctor right? I wish the very best for all of you and will keep everyone posted if I find anything new.

Tanya )
hackwriter responded:
Hi, Tanya,

Thanks so much for coming back and giving us an update.

Spinal stenosis can certainly cause many of the same symptoms as MS, and what kinds of symptoms you have will correspond with the location of the narrowing.

I have stenosis in my cervical spine due to a disc herniation. I was diagnosed with this herniation before my MS diagnosis was confirmed. My hand numbness, tingling and weakness, spastic bladder, leg weakness and some swallowing issues, and even my cervical lesions could have been attributed to either condition. This confusion caused some delay in my MS diagnosis--but a second exacerbation, a positive lumbar puncture, and a new brain lesion confirmed an MS diagnosis at last.

I hope the stenosis turns out to be the sole cause of your symptoms and that you can get some relief from the appropriate treatments. But if you feel strongly that you need to see a neurologist for further investigation, then I hope you'll go with your gut and do what you feel is right. It isn't a waste of time to explore and rule out the possibilities.

Please keep us apprised of your future exams and outcomes, we care about what happens to you. And just as important, whatever you share here will be very valuable to others who are traveling a similar road.

Lovelyhzleyes replied to hackwriter's response:
Hi Kim )

I will definitely keep you updated and will also keep pushing the issue to see a neurologist; which hasn't been done because my doctor is so focused on Spinal Stenosis and not anything else right now. I have great insurance now, so when I do see a neurologist I can go to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona.)

Honestly ... I'm not happy about my diagnosis or other diagnosis's which may be found too, but I accept them; which is all I can do. I was angry at first, but being angry only makes things worse. There is one thing I am embarrassed about ... I have been having some incontinence off and on the past 4-5 months. I'm only 41 (42 in April) and I don't like it one bit (especially when I'm out in public). I guess I'll have to start wearing pads more often.

Anyway, I will keep all of you posted and if you would like you can send me a request for Facebook. My name is exactly like this ... Messina Tanya. My profile photo has rocks on it with words (mainly used for college and some friends that won't post anything crazy lol). It was great hearing from you again Kim and thank you for your reply and being there, not just for me, but for everyone. You are a blessing!

Tanya )

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