spinal tap
An_240911 posted:
When Dx of MS-I know that the spinal tap is part of the process, if positive is most likely MS is Dx, but if not positive, is it absolutely ruled out 100%? I was told by a neurologist that it was not a definititive no. I I had an absolutely horrible experience years back with another situation with a spinal tap and REALLY do not want to get one if it is not 100%... He told me that I already would qualify under 3 different scenarios under McDonald criteria without a spinal..Any thoughts? Thank you very much, docs making me crazy.
Rory26312 responded:

A negative spinal tap does not rule out MS , I for one was diagnosed despite the negative result. The dignosis was based on MRI's , how the MS presented , neurological exams and a medical history, thus meeting enough of the McDonald creteia.

An_240911 replied to Rory26312's response:
Thank you, these docs are making me nuts. Appreciate the feedback!