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Possible MS?
lmyrna posted:
I guess I am diagnosing myself since doctors can't seem to. I have been healthy and very active all my life until about five years ago. First, immune system weakened. Numbness in legs, the doctor said it was some kind of neuralgia that carpenters get from wearing tight belts. Unrelenting nausea and dizziness to extreme fatigue that eventually led me to Mayo in Arizona, outpatient.

At Mayo, they treated my symptoms cut couldn't find out why was causing them but did find kidney tumor but it wouldn't have caused any of my symptoms. Spontaneously got better and now I'm beginning to feel bad again. I'm dizzy again, have problems swallowing and this morning I woke up and my right arm was numb and still is. I googled numbness in limbs and MS came up. I have had all these symptoms but probably never mentioned them to the doctors because I didn't know they were important.

I used to be an avid biker and one day I went for a ride and fell twice before I got a mile down the road. I walked my bike home and have never gotten on it again. Is there a blood test or a yes or no test one can take to rule MS out?

I would appreciate anyone's comments. Thank you.
Rory26312 responded:
Hi Imyrna

There is no definate test for MS it is a process of elemination what follows is a typical diagnostic process that a neuro should follow.

If you suspect MS as the cause of your symptoms you need to try the following.

1 Find a neuro who specializes in MS or an MS care center, try for patient reviews on a state by state basis.

2 Be prepared to undergo all testing the require which may include,

A MRI's of the brain and cervical spine with and without contrast to look for active and inactive liaisons.

B Possibly a lumber puncture/ spinal tap to look for proteins and O-bands in the fluid around your brain and spine.

C Evoked potential testing to check the speed of your nerve responses, any delay can indicate inflammation.

D A complete neuro workup and a review of your medical history, try to keep a journal of your symptoms and how long the last and any triggers you can think have.

After all this which can take some time, you can hope that a specialist has enough info to make a diagnosis or at least rule out MS altogether, all though there are no guarantees as we often see false negatives or inconclusive results

For now find a specialist and follow his/her advice , let us know how you are doing and know that most of us have been where you are and indeed some on here still are there.


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