For Women who have MS--- Do you notice that your MS gets worse before or during your period?
gorgeouslytired posted:
Hello!!! So, I asked my neuro about this and she said she's never heard anyone report what I had said... I feel as if a week before my period, my MS symptoms get a lot worse (weakness, fatigue, brain fog, some minor numbness, depression). I've spoken to my neuro and psychiatrist about having possible PMDD (which is like PMS x10). They wanted to prescribe me prozac for this but I decided not to since I'm already on Copaxone and trying vitamins and homeopathic stuff first. I've noticed some months are a lot worse than others, and I also noticed that when I drink alcohol around this time, it makes my PMS a lot worse... Is this weird?

Has anyone else experienced this? Or noticed their symptoms get worse around their period?
hackwriter responded:
Dear gorgeous,

I get very fatigued prior to my period--but I always did, even before I developed MS, only now it's even worse. I sleep longer hours and want to take naps during PMS. This makes sense for me since I battle fatigue and weakness every day, and I already have a history of increased sleepiness during PMS.

My theory is that the hormone fluctuation magnifies our MS symptoms temporarily, just as hot, humid weather will temporarily worsen our symptoms. We are very sensitive to environmental changes, both inner and outer.

That's my two cents.