MS or just crazy?
doly1023 posted:
I too have a possible diagnosis of MS. I am 50 years old, Mom of 3 and Wife of 1 . About 3 weeks ago, i developed a problem with my speech. Not necessarily with all words and the way I say them, more like the end of words like 'tion or 'ing and definately 2 big words together like coverage and benefits. The words were coming out jumbled and scrambled and my math facts were totally off. I've done the same job I currently am doing for 15 years and basic math skills are crucial to doing my job effectively. No one wants to know they owe you more for a dental procedure than you've already told them. Keyboard skills are crazy and my handwriting has become quite messy. Both traits are not necessarily the norm for me. I've had tingly fingers and the palms of my hand drive me nuts. My hands are red and hot, my lips are tingly as is my the tip of my tongue. Reading aloud and reciting my speech that I say everyday are bumbled and it feels like I need to swallow constantly! Had an MRI without contrast the other night and saw my PCP today who says I am showing signs and symptoms of MS and set me up with a Neurologist for Tuesday morning. needless to say I am freaking out! I have a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and had surgery 4 years ago to remove half my thyroid. Today was bloodwork and I needed to stop and satisfy my disbelief with McDonalds. Sad I know to think fast food will make me feel better. Going on line and reading info there scares the ...out of me and I do not know if I want to know that this is MS. Has anyone else had any of the same symptoms I am experiencing? Meds include Flexeril, Diclofenac, HCTZ, Lisinopril, Neurontin and Aspirin 81mg daily. Also diagnosis of Antiphopholipid Syndrome. I sometimes forget about that one. In fact, I have a tendency to forget alot of things lately.