Need some help
Bellawella_50 posted:
Hello , My husband in the last year had a few things happen to him . He lost his vison for 5 weeks well he had dobble vison in his eyes . He could not walk with out taking of to one side to this day almost a year later he is still not back to work . The nero doctor said it was not a stroke . So we are letf with all this and we are getting now weres . He see's a ear doctor the end of the month . i KNOW verigo does not last a year . He has trouble sleeping he kicks jumps numb feeling all the time and this went on for years this part . I can't get a doctor to test him for MS just because it's not showing in his brain ??? Can someone tell me what to do ? He has all signs of MS But no one will listen to me.
hackwriter responded:
Hello Bellawella,

Testing for MS should always include a cervical spine MRI in addition to brain MRIs with and without contrast. Some neurologists only perform a brain MRI, but MS lesions can appear in the spine first and eventually appear in the brain later on.

Try to find an MS specialist for a second opinion and insist on that spine MRI. We all must be vigorous advocates and push for appropriate testing.

To find a list of MS specialists in your area, contact your local chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for a list of doctors. They can't endorse a particular doctor, only give you contact information.

You can also look at for a list of doctors evaluated by patients, it is categorized by state.

I hope you'll keep us updated on your husband's condition and future appointments. It can take time to rule out MS and there are many other conditions that share the same symptoms. I hope you'll find an answer soon.

Bellawella_50 replied to hackwriter's response:
Ty so much . Will look into this site .