Lovelyhzleyes posted:
Hello everyone,

I just thought I would my update after having my nerve conduction tests last week. They came out fine However, I'm going to go through more testing for MS. My neurologist I finally got one that knows their stuff lol) has concerns because of my speech and memory issues, along with tremors and jerks, some urine leakage, ringing in ears, and now a creepy skin feeling. The creepy skin feeling drives me nuts ... Sometimes I feel as if some or some things are crawling on me and when I go to look there's nothing there (even worse when I try to sleep). I have to go for another MRI with contrast and eventually a spinal tap when my neurologists gets my records from my old doctors. Until then, all I can do is wait.

hackwriter responded:
Dear Lovely,

Thanks for the update, it sounds as though your docs are doing all the right things. If you haven't already, you might talk to the doc about symptom meds for the spastic muscles, creepy-crawlies, and bladder issues.

Looking forward to hearing more about your MRI and LP results, please keep us posted.