ms, pregnant, 47?
Kathisacks4 posted:
I am 47 and I just found out that I am almost 7 weeks pregnant. I was dx May 2012 with ms. I have been taking Avonex once a week up until last week and Adderall twice a day up until last week. Is this dangerous for me and or my unborn baby? What are the risks for having ms, being pregnant and 47?
hackwriter responded:
Dear kathi,

You MUST inform your treating neurologist right away that you are pregnant, this is something your doctor is better equipped to discuss with you than we are. I hope you've already made that phone call.

The official word on the pharma site regarding Avonex and pregnancy is that there has been no conclusive evidence that it puts you or your baby at risk for complications.

Although Biogen conducted a study of pregnant MS patients who took Avonex before discovering they were pregnant, a study which concluded in 2011, I have not seen the results of that study (see link below:)

I hope Dr. Lava, our resident MS specialist, will address your question come Friday.

Kathisacks4 replied to hackwriter's response:
Hi Kim

Thank you so much for your help. This is my 1st time on any I hope I am responding correctly:)

I have spoken to my neuro and she says there are many risks to me and the baby.

I hope Dr Lava responds too:)