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i hurt all over
slumber567 posted:
have been hurting for a while now. im only 19 yrs old i used to be in the gym lifting heavy weights a lot, football player...i quit smokeless tobacco a week ago and feel a little bit better but still in crazy pain. mostly i am fatigued bad,mostly in my lower half of my back hurts right between my shoulder blades..i get muscle twitches/spasms all feet turn bright red almost purple along with my ankles..sometimes i get a buzzing sensation on the inside of my ankles....i get tingling all over ..burning/tingling in my toes...i want to live a long life...can someone please idenify what i am going again muscle pain,fatigue.spasms twitching,bad circulation, my shins hurt like they are constantly bruised,bottom of feet burn and whole foot hurts when i wear a sock or a shoe, chronic popping of my really hurts when i stand, and sometimes it feels like someone is just touching me with the tip of a lighter and goes away...and depression of course...i am trying to fulfill my dreams and dont think that can happen with this crap going on currently taking criminal justice and going for game warden...please help thank you all
hackwriter responded:
Dear slumber,

No one here can possibly tell you what is wrong, you've got to see your doctor. Your symptoms are much too general to point to any one medical condition. So make that call.


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