MS or not???
hellsdancer posted:
Well about 4 years ago a Neurologist diagnosed me as having MS. At first I was glad...finally an answer to all the physical problems I was having. I read up on it and it answered a lot of questions I had.
I had quite a few legions in my head,always exhausted,eyesight going steadily worse, joint pain, memory loss,can't take heat, I am unbalanced and get dizzy easily. And much more.
Now the problem was that I was 60 and it could partially be Menopause. I tried to avoid a spinal tap but my doctor insisted.
When it came out normal, my doctor "undiagnosed" me.
So I am right back where I started from and I don't know.
One doctor said I had fibro.
In the mean time my existing problems got worth. My eye sight is going down hill. My joints hurt and I have problems making a fist and it seems to lock up on me.
I just stopped going to doctors after they just gave me lots of pills and they just made it worse.
I am not asking to be diagnosed and I am aware that it would take a physical etc. But I would like to know ...if my spinal tap came out normal does that mean I don't have MS?
Rory26312 responded:

The simple answer is no a negative spinal does not rule out MS . I know this because I was dignosed despite a negative spinal.

If a neuro told you this he/she is not up on MS.

I have no way of knowing if you have MS or not but as much as I respect your decision to hop of the doctor bandwagon, you may have to go to at least one more for a final diagnosis otherwise if it is MS it may get worse if untreated.

Sorry if that sounds harse but I think it is true,

hellsdancer replied to Rory26312's response:
Thank you Rory for responding. I finally now have Medicare and Mediaid, so I am going to give it another try. Now to find a Doctor that knows a lot about MS. I am so glad I found this website.
Thanks again. I will post when I find out more.