RE: Question for Hackwriter
Lisasnyc posted:
I recently switched from Avonex to Rebif -as I mentioned in an earlier post- with no adverse effects so far.

Main reason for this post....
Hackwriter, has there been any instances of the amount of lesions being reduced/reversed from originally seen on MRI, not due to myelin regeneration, if any?

I say a discussion on video of 2 doctors on a panel discussing Tysabri and the JCV virus. I though I heard them say something alluding to this, but I could be wrong.

hackwriter responded:
Dear Lisasnyc,

If you're asking whether a disease-modifying drug such as Tysabri can make existing lesions disappear--I've not read anything that makes this claim. Our DMDs are not designed to heal the scars, they are designed to either modify/suppress the immune system and thereby reduce the number of relapses/new lesions, or to introduce molecules that attach themselves to T-cells and "de-fang" them before they attack a myelin protein.

Hope this addresses your question.

Lisasnyc replied to hackwriter's response:
Thanks Kim.

The doctors were discussing that some patients who are positive for the JCV virus, may still be able to take Tysabri

The statement that I thought was I heard was that after years on Tysabri, a patient showed a reduction of number of lesions on their follow-up MRI.

I guess I must of heard wrong because I know you would have indicated if you heard this as well.

Thanks again.