scarsner posted:
I am having some problems working. The memory is giving me problems and my knees and back are always hurting. Is there a program that I can apply for to stay home and focus on taking care of myself? Can I get disability? Help!!
hackwriter responded:
Hi scar,

You can indeed file a claim for Social Security Disability Income. Just visit the SSA.gov site for info and an application. You'll need to have your neurologist write an evaluation, that will carry a lot of weight in the final decision.

After you file a claim, you'll be contacted by a rep for a phone interview. They will compile your medical records. Those will be sent on to a state examiner and you'll be scheduled for a physical exam by a doctor of their choice, as well as a psych exam by a professional of their choosing.

Although you've probably heard that everyone's claim is turned down the first time, it's not true. My claim was approved five months after I filed and I did not need to hire an attorney.

Hope this info helps you.