Distraught with post pregnancy progression
Tonyat523 posted:
I was diagnosed with MS in 2004 and did nothing until 2008 when I got to the right doctor in early 2008 who scared the mess out of me. He wanted to put me on Tysabri right away but I was pregnant and had to wait. I noticed that the intermittent buzzing and tingling I felt in my hands became permanent in my 3rd month of pregnancy. They feel that way all the time and its worse now particularly in my right hand where I lose all dexterity after typing for about 10 min straight. Anyhow I got on Tysabri 3 months after I delivered. Since I have had my baby, my symptoms have rapidly increased, particularly with walking. No new lesions but I feel like I'm in a progressive stage of MS. It's five years later and I can barely walk ten minutes without having significant foot-drop. My balance is horrible as well. Today I fell in the mall for the first time and I was alone. I feel like a sitting duck as every year my walking ability has become worse. I'm 44 and at this rate I don't know what ability I will have within the next five years. Is there anything other than Ampyra which I have tried to improve walking and balance? I've been to a physical therapist as well. I'm looking for alternative therapies. Please help.
hackwriter responded:

Have you discussed these worsening symptoms with your neurologist? If you are in a flare, your doc might recommend steroid treatment. If you have been on Tysabri for five years and you feel that it isn't doing what it should, then it's time to discuss the possibility of getting on a different therapy.

Have you investigated walking aids? Using a cane helps greatly with balance and weakness. A foot drop brace, aka ankle-foot orthotic (AFO) helps keep your weak foot at a 90-degree angle so that when it weakens, you won't trip and fall. Ask your doctor about these.

Ampyra can improve walking speed for some patients. You'd have to try it to find out if it can help you.

Hope this helps.