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i just want answers
An_253608 posted:
Hi my name is Carol i think i might have MS because im getting crazy symtoms like i start to get a hot flash like im sweating but im not blurry vision body shaking loss of balance and hearing loss or ringing bells all while standing kneeling or sitting and i went to a eye specialist and he told me that i have black spots in the back of my eyes from all the spells this started back in 1996 than in 2001 the spells got worse then in 2007 i seen a ms doc. and he did a mri and it came out normal they ruled out seizuresand diabetes and iv been diagnosis with oab,ibs ,acid reflex d and my cousin has ms and my 3rd cousin has to and they told me that i have ms but i just have to have it confirm im just scared because i dont know whats going on w i get numdness tingling tremers weakness off balance and iv been getting alot of charlie horses and always tired and stiffness and my feet is cold too can someone please tell me what is wrong with me because i dont know
hackwriter responded:
Dear Carol,

I hear your anxiety and desperation, it is scary and stressful to know something is wrong and feel that no one can help you. Of course you realize that no one on a forum can tell you what is wrong, only a doctor can do that.

You need to go back to your doctor and insist on further testing to find out what is wrong. Be sure to tell your doctor about all of your symptoms and that they are greatly affecting your qualify of life. There are symptom medications for muscle spasms/cramping/stiffness that you could take without having a diagnosis, as well as anti-seizure meds that can help with some other symptoms. So keep a symptom log or jot down some notes, take them to your next doc appt. and thoroughly go over everything you've been experiencing.

Diagnostic tests for MS should include brain and spine MRIs, a lumbar puncture, and evoked potentials tests, as well as a neurologic exam that checks your balance, coordination, sensation, and strength. These tests might have to be repeated over time.

If you do have MS, it can take a long time to diagnose. Other conditions must be ruled out first. But you must be your own advocate and push your doctors to help you.

shorty201456 replied to hackwriter's response:
thank u kim for responding to my story. but i ve been to alot of doctors sense i was 18 yrs.old for this and its just getting worse

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