LP results
An_253655 posted:
Hello. I have a rare inflammatory autoimmune disease allied Behcets Disease. I have developed CNS issues so an LP was done. I am confused on my results. If maybe it indicates MS or another type of disease. My Neuro does not think my CNS issues are caused from my Behcets. These are my LP results

Oligoclonal Ig Bands The patient's CSF contains multiple restriction bands that are also present in the patient's corresponding serum sample. We are unable to define whether these gammaglobulins are of systemic or intracerebral origin.

Also does anyone know how they determine which Origin the bands are from? Thanks.
hackwriter responded:
The results you stated mean that your spinal fluid is not positive for CNS inflammation.

When testing for MS, a blood sample is also taken along with spinal fluid the day of your LP. A count of o-bands is done on both samples and compared. If the same number of o-bands appear in both samples, it might mean that inflammation that is causing the o-bands in the blood serum could have crossed the blood brain barrier into the CSF.

If you have a cold virus or some other kind of infection, for example, your blood serum would show bands. Cells that are fighting the infection could then migrate into the CSF and produce o-bands there as well.

Spinal fluid that is positive for a certain number of bands is a strong indication of MS or some other infection/source of inflammation that is occurring only in the brain or spine. There should be no bands in the blood serum in this case.

Hope that isn't too confusing.