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    I'd appreciate some help!
    Heinzen2002 posted:
    34 Male & not the best at writing so bare with me...
    I have been seeing my family physician for wide spread pain witch he is now treating me for fibromyalgia. Gradually I have been having symptoms of a bounce some what like a trampoline even at rest. (Vertigo).. I have read all the symptoms of early multiple-sclerosis and suggested it to my doctor..He immediately ordered a brain scan & the MRI revealed a sinus infection that I cant support because i don't have any symptom to support those results. Everything in my being tells me this is MS because all my symptoms Webmd list's match whats going on. My legs are constantly fatigued, when I feel im going to fall its always left or right. He confirms its not an ear infection of any kind. I had a vascular surgeon tell me its not because of lack of blood flow but again I have all the symptoms of MS. I feel as if my doctor's are avoiding the arrows because his treatments are erratic.. My Bp is normal but he prescribes me blood pressure pills? I guess my questions is, Can a phantom sinus infection that the MRI says i have but I don't believe cause all the symptoms of MS?
    hackwriter responded:
    Dear Heinzen,

    A sinus infection cannot cause all the symptoms of MS. It can make you feel dizzy, fatigued, feverish, head-achy, and make your face and teeth hurt.

    There are many, many symptoms that MS can cause, but I must point out that 1) lots of other medical conditions can cause the exact same symptoms and 2) nobody who has MS has ALL of them. For example, I've had MS for 14 years and I've never had optic neuritis or a neurogenic bladder. In other words, I strongly suggest that you not diagnose yourself with MS based on a list of symptoms you've read.

    Diagnostic tests for MS include brain and spine MRIs, evoked potentials, a lumbar puncture, and a neurologic exam that tests your strength, coordination, reflexes, and sensation. Only a neurologist can order/perform these tests, so if you want to pursue this, you'd have to ask your PCP for a referral to one, preferably one who specializes in MS.

    Lastly, even when a doctor does suspect MS, there are lots of tests done to rule out other conditions that share the same symptoms such as diabetes, Lyme disease, vitamin deficiencies, and a host of others. It could take some time for your docs to figure out what ails you.

    I hope you'll find some answers soon.

    Heinzen2002 replied to hackwriter's response:
    I appreciate your kinder, It's been a uphill battle for 12 years now and 3 new doctors.. I wish I could have a Usb installed and know exactly whats going on instantly. I've been to two neurologist in the last year that have diagnosed me Essential tremor (ET) that has seriously limited my employment. I agree i shouldn't self diagnose myself but the doctors I have available to me cant figure it out. I cant begin to list all the medications they've tried. The MRI was a serious disappointment where 12 years of medical history is concerned. I have no sinus problems but the doctor wanted to prescribe yet another pill for that I said no.. Maybe your right maybe its not Ms but something is wrong because I cant walk 40' unassisted without falling over at random. I have 20-20 vision & it drops off instantly I wake and my arms wont work or wake and i feel like im hooked to a battery charger.. My chiropractor has told me he cant fix these problems Im grasping for straws. I'm a class x driver that is by no means rich but cant get a solid answer from anyone. If not not Ms I welcome advice.

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