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    Eating Rare Steak May Help to Cure MS
    selfexperimenter posted:
    I just began this yesterday, and do this again just now today.
    I eat rare steak and let my immune system cook it well done in my body.
    I get stomachache after I eat it, but it doesn't matter. Rare steak is raw meat with liquid blood which virus, bacteria, and parasitic worms are killed by heat, so it can't produce infectious disease in my body. I get stomachache because my immune system reacts against it and cooks it. My immune system may get adjusted better in this process.
    After I ate rare steak and got stomachache yesterday, my body feels better than before recently. I want to keep eating rare steak often. Hope I get my MS cured, and maybe I should get a patent for curing MS with eating rare steak.
    Even if I get a patent for this great curing discovery, I can't make money with an exclusive business with this patent since people can get rare steak everywhere, so I don't lose when I announce this invention here before getting a patent.
    To make inventions at home and get patents is a good way making a living for us who get MS.
    hackwriter responded:
    Dear SelfExperimenter,

    If you're being serious--about which I have grave doubts--there are several reasons why your theory isn't going to fly.

    There are health risks to eating raw meat, several of which are enumerated in the following article:

    Your stomach acid cannot "cook" raw meat to the point of killing off e coli and salmonella, hence all those reports of people dying from these illnesses. You are encouraging people to put their health at grave risk for hospitalization and death.

    You will not get a patent for eating raw steak, it is not an invention; the most you can do is create a site on which you promote your theory. You will be one of thousands of people writing about miracle cures that will attract uninformed, desperate people who will grasp at anything that might raise their hopes.

    No diet has been proven to cure MS, and your diet is no exception. Other diets promote basic healthful eating and are harmless, but yours is not in that category. If you insist on visiting health forums like this one, you'll be spreading dangerous misinformation to very sick people.

    I'm being kind by saying that your post is irresponsible and misguided. If you continue to eat raw steak, you're playing Russian roulette with your health. I hope you'll rethink your strategy.

    selfexperimenter replied to hackwriter's response:
    Hello Kim,

    I am serious and I do have eaten rare steaks. The article you mentioned says, 'Steaks should be cooked to a minimum of 145 degrees Fahrenheit at the center point or to medium-rare, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. ' I am to follow this rule for safe experiments with myself.
    According to this article you mentioned, the center of the steaks should be cooked above 63 degree celcius. This temperature is actually below what I meant to eat. I wanted to eat steak which center had been cooked above 100 degree celsius. Is rare-medium 40% cooked?
    There seems some problems about the mapping between the cooked center temperature of the steak and how to order at restaurant or how to cook it myself. I will try to ask the cooked center temperature at restaurant, but I don't know if I can get the lowest degree number until then. I will keep it safe with what I eat. You may have saved my life anyway.

    selfexperimenter replied to selfexperimenter's response:
    Remind: Avoid eating beef which can cause mad cow disease, which humans can get.
    selfexperimenter replied to selfexperimenter's response:
    I bought a food thermometer
    I bought beef, roast it with an electrical roaster, and measure the temperature of the beef about every 10 minutes. .
    [br>The problem is that the steaks just don't go above 60 degrees celsius although they are already roasted above medium below well done.
    selfexperimenter replied to selfexperimenter's response:
    The problem may be in my roaster that the sensor of the temperature controller senses the temperature elsewhere different from the temperature of the food roasted.

    I will continue to research for a cooking way to make it reach high enough of the center temperature of the steak while it keeps well below medium.
    selfexperimenter replied to selfexperimenter's response:
    Hello Hackwriter,

    I ate lamb and fish cooked reaching above 63 degrees celsius tonight. Is this correct?


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