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    having another baby with ms
    angelaridener posted:
    I am 32 living with rr ms. I have 2 children and I am thinking of having another child. I haven't had an attack in 3 years thanks to Trysabri! I recently just switched to a pill form(Aubagio). I've had two major attacks in 8 years shortly after having my 2 children 8&6 years ago.I was diagnosed with ms after having my first child. I think I'll be ok if I have another child since I plan on going back to my pill witch I take daily,& don't plan on nursing.I've heard of a lot of horror stories of women not walking again but I just don't know. I think I should just do it I'm not getting any younger!
    hackwriter responded:
    Dear angela,

    Studies on child-bearing and postpartum long-term disability show favorable outcomes according to the following excerpt from an NMSS article below:

    "Exacerbation rates tend to rise in the first three to six months postpartum, and the risk of a relapse in the postpartum period is estimated to be 20-40%. These relapses do not appear to contribute to increased long-term disability. In the studies with long-term follow-up of women with MS who had children, no increased disability as a result of pregnancy was found."

    You should also discuss your concerns with your neurologist and your OB/GYN. These days, women with MS are encouraged to have families. Though it's impossible to know how your disease course will go, if your two postpartum exacerbations did not leave you with some significant disabilities, there is a good chance that if you happen to relapse after having a third child and you're back on Aubagio, you'll go back to baseline or pretty close to it.

    The horror stories you've heard can't really be an omen for what will happen to you since the disease manifests itself so differently for each of us. We all have to weigh the risks against what is important to us. If your desire to have another child is stronger than your fear of decline, and if your doctors give you a clean bill of health and the green light to get pregnant again, I'm sure they would encourage you to follow your passion and go for it.

    I wish you well with your third little one; the more, the merrier!

    delany responded:
    hi-i've never seen this board before and I'm so happy to have found it. I've had ms since 1968 (diagnosed) but had symptoms for 10 years before that. I had three children after being told not to for each one of them. #3 was a major surprise and I was told by 4 physicians to abort because of the MS. I didn't and we're so so glad she was born. I felt great during the pregnancy and did as much resting as I could after she was born. While bringing up the 3 kids I'd have rest time in the afternoon as many days as I could manage-they could play in my room while I lay in bed "resting" or they could play in their own rooms for a while. Each one of them learned early on to entertain him/herself, an important ability which has carried over into their adulthood. I've never been on meds for ms-after 10 years of many exacerbations I met a neurologist who taught me how to pace myself and things got noticeably better. No guarantees of course but I heartily recommend having that third one!

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