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ms injury questions
rabbit1742 posted:
can ms be started from a tbi i received over 20 yrs ago? i seem to be experiencing symptoms more now than ever before. my wife just had ovarian cancer surgery so my stress level is extremely high. through the years i have had many symptoms here and there, but never connected the two. i have developed diabetes throughout the years, and now high blood pressure since my wife's illness. my sugar level was around 80-120 now runs about 300. Blood pressure was low, it used to be 90/60, now it runs 160/95. are these some of the symptoms you would get? I have many other symptoms, but these are the ones that concern me the most.
Thank you,GOD Bless you
Brad scarola
hackwriter responded:
Hi Brad,

Though we don't know all the triggers that activate MS, we do know that viruses can cause an initial attack. Our antibodies go after an invading virus or bacterium and some will cross the blood-brain barrier into our brains and spinal cords. Our antibodies will do this when we are not sick with an infection as well, they constantly silently assault the Central Nervous System.

Hypertension and diabetes are not results of having MS. Those conditions are systemic, and the causes and treatments are well-documented. Hope you are keeping them under control with medication.

Stress can certainly make our medical conditions worse. I hope your wife has a speedy recovery and feels better soon. I'm sure it's difficult right now, but try to take care of yourself and rest and relax as much as possible. Good luck to you both.

An_255154 replied to hackwriter's response:
Now a days its very difficult to find out the right Dr. for the Right Diseases, in these cases many people faces medical negligence injuries due to wrong treatment. I had suffered in past such kind of injuries and had faces medical negligence claims .
tudela342 responded:
Hi Rabbit 1742 I do think that a brain injury can cause MS. My boy friend had a serious accident while training in the army and should he were not wearing his helmet he wouldn't Besos y abrazos with us any more. 9 years later he began not feeling his hand. At that time one Professor Neurologist told him that as the strong concussion occur his brain low down a millimeter, pressing the bulb and what he had was a consequence of that accident. The doctor added: there will Besos y abrazos some professionals that will tell you what you have is MS. It is NOT. And he explained the reasons for his assurance. Never the less my boy friend is treated like he has MS and his condition deteriorated. Now he has his two legs and one arm completely paralyzed. Thanks God he is working and driving and having a perfect normal life because he is in every other aspects a very healthy person. For instance he dreams to go in a cruse, but we are not able yet to find the one that will have facilities like a bending bed or the technical way to take him from his wheel chair to the bed. Maybe somebody in his condition can give us ideas? best regards Vicky Niego
jennascar responded:
I also have wondered if a TBI causes MS. I suffered from a TBI about 12 months before I started experiencing problems, was tested and then was diagnosed with MS.

Good luck to you and your wife.

Jenny P
hopen4help replied to hackwriter's response:
what is a TBI? I have seen many people refer to it and wonder does it somehow apply to me? I too am very sorry for the troubles people face with M.S. and other loved ones having health issues. It seems our disease is enough to deal with but when our loved ones suffer we do as well. I can relate. Best wishes to you all. I hope it helps to know others care, and are here to help if we can. GOD BLESS US ALLAND OUR LOVEDONES!!!
star light
atti_editor replied to hopen4help's response:
Hi hopen4help,

TBI often refers to a traumatic brain injury. Here is some information on the subject in case you would like to learn more.

Best wishes to you as well!

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