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Caring for someone with MS...
danyc503 posted:
Hello Community,
My name is Danyelle and one of my best friends has MS. I have decided to dedicate my life to helping him battle the disease. I was wondering if any of you can advise me to healthy eating solutions and other resourceful information. I am not familiar with the disease nor what I can do to assist him. I have a background in personal training and am very much into nutrition and juicing. I plan to start going to his Dr appointments and researching as much as I possibly can. I sincerely appreciate your time...
mrscrg responded:
The support you are giving him is great. Having a good support system is good for people with MS because we go thru so much mentally.

I am still trying to figure all the stuff out myself. Healthy wise; as far as food I am trying all organic and non processed foods. No sugar and salt. From reading it says salt and smoking can be bad for your health. Good thing I am not a smoker nor am I a big fan of salt. But the less chemicals the better. As far as vitamins: vitamin D3 and Omega 3. Although I am trying Tumeric. It is to stop inflammation and I am also trying Magnesium. It works with a ton of other chemical reactions in the body and its really good for constipation. Just started the last two. Stretches or working out is very helpful. They say yoga is very good.

Thats mostly all I do. I do read alot about it to educate myself. But this site is pretty good with info. Don't know where you guys are with this but good luck.
atti_editor responded:
Hi Danyelle,

First of all, I just wanted to second mrscrg's comment. The support that you are giving your friend is amazing. I also think that your background in personal training, interest in nutrition, and willingness to learn about MS is an added benefit.

I encourage you to start by checking out the tips and resources to the left of this page, and especially WebMD's Multiple Sclerosis Health Center , where you will find a lot of information to get you started on your information journey. Understanding the Types of MS , and FAQs About MS might also be good places to begin.

Because of your background and interests, this article on MS and Diet and this one on Alternative and Complementary Therapies could also be of interest.

I hope that you are able to get the information that you need from these resources and many more on our site. Please keep us updated, and I wish you and your friend the best of luck!

danyc503 replied to atti_editor's response:
I really want to thank you atti_editor and mrscrg!! I have been friends with this man since 1999 and it is my obligation to help him get better. I recently moved back to Oregon and I am now in a position to help him. His mother is also suffering from this illness and I plan to motivate the two of them to better their nutrition/ exercise routine, and do whatever else I can to help...

I have been doing research and as for what I can find... It all comes back to nutrition, exercise and refraining from smoking. I am confident that I can assist with all of this. I am also into juicing and have found recipes that are designed to help fight MS... I plan on becoming a active member in the community and will be posting recipes and other information I find... Again, I thank you for the information and hope you have a positive and productive day!!

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