Bee Pollen Benefits
ihabs91 posted:
Hi Friends,

I read many articles about the potential benefits of Bee Pollen to Multiple Sclerosis. I created this discussion to hear every-ones inputs and even experiences on this subject. I started taking Bee Pollen not very long ago (Approximately 3 weeks). If the benefits of Bee Pollen to MS are in fact true, Bee Pollen can be a very serious candidate of it possibly being used as medication ?

What do you guys think?
libra33 responded:
If simply be in heaven!!! Please please share any results, I'd like to try as well:) what type of bee pollen?
swampster1952 responded:
Hello ihabs,

Sounds like a pile of bull pucky to me! By "many" articles do you mean at least 25 or do you mean more like two or three?

Personally, I would be very suspicious about any such claims. But who knows, for you bee pollen may be the best thing to come along since Frog Swirl Ice Cream!

libra33 replied to swampster1952's response:
How positive of you. Good luck with that attitude, seriously I wish you

the best but as for me I'll pass:) ihab, because my fingers are so numb

all of the time I end up with cuts, scrapes and bruises on them

frequently. I was told Manuka Honey could help heal wounds including

burns. I decided to try it about a month ago on a deep cut of mine that I

Got on a broken window handle we'd forgotten to fix on our truck. I

cleaned it with Bactine first, then applied this Organic raw Manuka

Honey and bandaged it. I cleaned it out and redressed my wound twice

A day for a week and wouldn't you healed with little to no

scarring! I believe in the power of nature and all of the wonders it

holds. I watched my wound heal from the inside out layer by layer. I

Would love to see any results you may have in the future and

appreciate your being:) thanks ihab have an extraordinary day:)
jfiallo responded:
How are you taking the bee pollen? Which form of it? And how often?
debbieannbaker responded:
june 13 to dec 13 I had over 400 bee stings.IT helped with my walking &numb feet.
libra33 replied to debbieannbaker's response:
Seriously? That's incredible! what was the procedure?