New Member Wanting to Help and Need Advice
xmichaelx posted:
Hello Everyone!
This is my first time joining a community (online or otherwise). I believe I should give a summary of myself.
Male, 44 white ( I mention these because I have read age, sex and nationality can play a role in statics, eg; whom is more than likey to have a cetain symtom, etc)
Possible MS
Stroke (from clot, that traveled to the brain)
Atrial Fibulation

Heart Failure

I will try to summarize the best I can. I had an 'Admornal" MRI of my brain in 2008. The X-Ray Tech noted "possible MS?" on the film. The Neurologist believed it to be very possible, but wanted a second MRI with contrast. The image itself (I will try to post here) looks like an large sky rocket exploding int he sky with many of what appear to be small leisons.
I have has Artrial Fibulation and had a heart ablasion shortly before this MRI. I mention this because I read or heard years ago that this may have caused the white matter as well.
I had a stroke in Jan 2013. I mention this because I was told and I read in report from a doctor I had that 'unfortunely he had a stroke and it will be very difficult to test for MS now'.
So, the bottom line after this is, as allways insurance or lack of or the the finances to continue with what the physicians want to do to determine if I have this , thearapy, etc. For example when I was insured and recieved the 1st MRI I mentioned above the insurance company refused to approve a second MRI with contrast the neurologist wanted.
This problem has been on-going.
I have researched and contacted many organizations to get an MRI and assistance for this to no avail. I am stuborn and continue to try, but I can, like most, only take so much at once. Now that I have the syptoms not only from this but the stroke as well it's very difficult. Most run when they think I might remote;y suggest I could use advice or the like. I feel like a burden. That's difficult being just an independant man by nature.
Anyway, I think it would be nice to have a disussion with others living with this so I don't feel so alone with it, to help others where I can with what I've learned and go through myself, and to get any advice out there. I've just tried everything I can think of but this, but I need to do something. Living with this and going at it alone for so long has been tolling.

Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you!
PS, I tried posting the image of the MRI, but apparently I am not allowed to here unless I place it online somewhere first.
hackwriter responded:
Hello Michael and welcome!

I've posted a response about MRI financial assistance on that titled post. Briefly I mentioned looking into the patient assistance program at the hospital.

I was low income/no insurance for several years and found charity care. I went to a privately funded charity clinic where I saw a neurologist and got free tests at the local Catholic hospital. You can call or look online at your local county Health and Human Services department for a list of resources in your area. Your phone book might list such social services as well.

Anyone is who is uninsured/under-insured and on a low income should have resources available for diagnostic testing and health care. It takes some research on your part to find it, but it is out there.

Good luck and do give us an update on what you find out.

libra33 responded:
Hi Michael, you're not alone and I'm glad you found this site:) I don't have any answers but do have some suggestions for you:) try asking for

a lumbar puncture test (spinal tap) or an EPT (evoked potential testing) and go from there? I hope you don't give up, never give up. We are

stronger than we think we are and though we're not perfect we are perfectly flawed;) to have come this far is incredible! Every rejection and

or dead end is a step further from where you were before so dont think of anything as a waste of your time. You'll get to where you want to be in

the end and hopefully you find friends here who will be with you every step of the way:) I don't get on often and I'm not used to this site (or any site) but I like what I've seen so far good luck!
cindygrace1 responded:
I feel badly for all of us with long term illness. no matter what are conditions are, we all feels the same, isolated, fearful, and grieve for the lives we see as lost. we, however, are the same people as we have always been. even after 18 yrs I still feel alone at times. there just is not any body else in my head but me! lol if there is any chance you live in florida on the east coast I can help w/that mri.