The use of vitamin B 12
bionike posted:
A couple of years ago I read a article in a medical magazine that the protocol for treating a MS flare up in some German treatment facility's is not with cortisone but with large intravenous amounts of methylcobalamin. My daughter and I both have MS and recently she had a flare up and could not go to hospital for treatment due to work commitments, so I bought a bottle of B12 tablets, which you take sublingual. She took 2 every hour finishing the bottle (30 tablets), and managed to stop the flare up. I am not aware of anyone ever having done any research on the relation of malabsorption of B vitamins and MS. If any one knows of such research then I would like to know.
jules1202 responded:
I have not seen any research on this subject directly (obviously I assume there must be some in Germany if that is what they are doing) but there is research on B-12 deficiencies resulting in neurological symptoms so it makes sense to look in that direction. Its part of the reason that usually when a patient comes in with neuro symtoms the dr will usually check vitamin B levels.

I have to say that I am happy that worked for her but I would be very cautious with doing something like taking a whole bottle of vitaimins in a day without the supervision of a dr. Technically B vitamins are water soluable BUT you can still overdose by overloading your system with too many all at once which could lead to some nasty side effects (apparently there is a methylcobalamin form of B-12 and another form also which they say has more issues?!) . Also, there can be a big difference between an IV version under doctor supervison and a sublingual version of a med.

Obviously I am no help on the research part ( I tried but most of what I found was posted by companies that sell vitamins that made reference to the research with no links). If I were you I would look into translated German medical research material or European research as what I saw indicated most of the research was in this are was done overseas. I will keep my eye out though!