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low-grade fevers??
notmyself22 posted:
Hi. I have not been diagnosed with MS yet but go for a MRI soon. Are daily low-grade fevers common with MS? That is one symptom I have, that I haven't seen listed with MS.

Thank you for your input.

Have a good day!
justducky65 responded:
Hi Good luck with your MRI.. I am new by 1 year to MS so I am not sure abou the fevers but I dont think its a COMMON symptom anyway.

Let us knw what you find out

Camilla100 responded:
I agree. Not a symptom!

Does the fever make you feel much worse? If you have MS, heat, including a fever, often makes things worsen temporarily.

notmyself22 responded:
Thank you for your reply. I have been having the low-grade fevers daily since last September (more often than not). I have been to an infection control specialist, and he had me do a CT. They found some possible white matter changes so now the MRI. Also, I have been tired, had dry/red eyes and have a headache most of the time, etc... Will let you kow what they find out. Thank you again.
AL0728 responded:
Hi Not Myself,

Welcome to the board.

I haven't had any low grade fevers as a symptom before.

Anne2090 responded:
Hi, Not Myself.

I am currently "under observation" for MS. My nero doesn't want to diagnois me because my legions aren't big enough. ?? He also said the insurance companies tend not to look kindly on MS patients, so I am trusting him.

I too have experienced a low grade fever for over a few days up to a week before and have done so for a year or more. From what I am learning, it is probably more associated with fatigue or cronic fatigue syndrome, but fatigue or CFS is very common in MS suffers.

Good luck
CarolineV9T6R9 responded:
Hi you guys,

I just had a thought on this fever thing.....

Many of us MSers really can't stand the heat....maybe it has something to do with that? I know that I get hot easily.....I bet my temperature goes up too?? I know HOT hottubs are a no no.

Anyhoo, just thought I'd throw my thoughts out there.

Nite nite, Caroline
sunnynights68 responded:
this post is old, so not sure if you'll get this, but I was curious what became of your diagnosis? I have same exact symptoms for a year (low grade fever almost every day) and white matter changes, but not too large of an amount.

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