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swampster1952 posted:
Hello everybody,

Several posts ago, I think it was one about Montel Williams, some one asked about something Montel said he took which seemed to help him quite a bit. A reply came back with the stuff in question, call Protandim.

Protandim is a combination of 5 different herbs. When combined in specific doses it creates a synergistic effect that effectively promotes an antioxidant response in the body. The dosage is at a low dose, which stops any toxic side effects from occurring.

The research was carried out at two different universities and appears to be on the up and up. While the pill is meant as an anti-aging supplement, it does have a wide range of benefits to many diseases. Oxidative stress is usually a big part in any disease. If we can stop the oxidative stress then we have done ourselves a big favor.

I am not advocating everyone taking this herbal supplement. i just wanted to add some information for all those inquiring minds out there!

Camilla100 responded:
Very useful, Dave! Will explore that a bit more -- though I am usually wary of herbs and herbal concoctions!

CarolineV9T6R9 responded:
Thanks for that info Dave.

playnice01 responded:
Well Dave, you know I have hit my 18th tysabri, and feelin pretty good about it; then, out of nowhere, I lost my balance and literally rolled down our curvy, winding drive to the big decorative boulder and the retaining wall. Literally, between a rock and a hard place. OMG, I am so battered, my doc asked if we needed to talk about abuse in the home, when one is well and one is sick. Oh, AS IF! Nate is so cool about my process in this issue, he always tends to over-tend. Sometimes I have to just ask him to go take a nap, he's making me tired with all the caring stuff! It's funny how long time marrieds have their own languages....BUT my cure for things like protandim is that if herbal, I like my own better. No side effects that aren't pleasant, and the benefit that knowing I can do my herbals with full permission of cop and doc. Good to know.

Keep up the tysabri...I was recently told once you start it, there really is no going back. the medical field considers T the ultimate MS weapon, and those like the CRAB" drugs are saturday night specials...small caliber with some ucky side effects.

Keep on lab ratting. Just don't do any herbals since you are in a "free Zone" unless you first get my permission to play in traffic.

Be well and


blythespirit3 responded:
Hey Flap !

Sorry to hear that you " FELL DOWN, WENT BOOM ! " A Very Big Boom actually.

It is also bad to hear that a dr. felt the need to ask " Did Your Husband Do This ? "

I hope you asked him " ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FRIGGING MIND ? " and then when he responded no, I would say " Then You Know the Answer to That Question "

You have made me grateful that my husband and I have the same PCP. He knows not to ask a stupid question like that without a warning.

Thanks Dave for the info. The only supplements I take are B12, Multivit, & L-Lysine.

My last hairdresser tried to push suppliments down my throat saying that " This will cure all your MS symptoms. " I took her reading material nicely ( she was my husbands stylist ) and then Threw It Away.

My hubby has not gone back to her since that incedent !

leh52 responded:
Protandim is wonderful. I just recently started taking it and really notice the difference with mood, fatigue, etc...much better..

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