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Multiple Sclerosis & Nasal Problems
leebrary posted:
Had MS since 1991. Well managed by neurologist and copaxone. Before then and now I have regular runny nose. Blow my nose frequently but even blowing doesn't solve running. Sometimes I'm woken up at night with running. I simply don't get a clear clean nose. Mucus is clear. I don't think sinuses are pressured. I don't know if I have allergies. No one in family is allergic to anything. Haven't told doctor about symptoms because it seems silly & I should be able to handle. What's going on & is there anything safe to help me? Thanks guys.
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BeGift responded:
It's been my experience that folks with MS automaticly blame the MS for whatever ailment arises. This is totaly understandable, considering the crazy things MS can cause. That said, Let me tell you that lately there are many, many people, without MS, experiencing the very same drippy nose as you have. It even causes a night time cough due to the post nasal drip tickling the throat. The fact that it's clear eases the worry of chronic infection. Perhaps it's polution, lack of rest, etc. What to do: Healthy mix of rest activity, avoid dairy, diffuse THERAPEUTIC essential oils to keep inside environment clean, sleep with head slightly elevated.
sugarfaerie1985 responded:
Honestly, it just sounds like allergies or sinusitis to me..
undefined responded:
I suffer MS and I've never got the runny nose problem my whole life till I did a surgery in my face in 2011.
I've been diagnosed with MS in 2004 age 16.

This nose problem bothered since the first day I did the surgery and its embarrassing.
So I googled the problem and I found some answers that aren't certain because I didn't do any tests yet.

I read if you have an immune disorder and did a surgery that might cause Spinal leaking and the leaking goes out of nose eyes or ears.
the surgery I did was in my nose maybe thats why.
and they wrote you should get it checked immediately I didn't but I will soon.
I hope not you or me suffers that though.
I'm sorry about my poor English.
I read this info long ago I'm sure you'd find it if you search.

Best wishes
Stephanie Butler, RN responded:
Hello leebrary,

it sounds like you have some form of rhinitis, which is a very common problem, but one that is unrelated to MS. I would make an appointment with your primary care doctor so they can examine you and recommend a treatment plan. I hope you get some relief soon!


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