An_204689 posted:
I spent the early 90's having local drs. running test after test to figure out what was wrong with me. Finally after no diagnosis and wanting to run another test, I said no, send me to Mayo Clinic (in MN). They ran tests and did an MRI of my spine (no one had done) and told me I had MS. Finally I knew. I could now start dealing with it. My family Dr. referred me to a neurologist who had an interest in the research of MS and we only run tests to keep up on how my MS is progressing. I get the medicine, referrals, therapy or whatever I need. He specializes in MS and that makes the difference. Unfortunately, the local MS chapter did nothing to help me. I just dealt with it and had a husband who is my support, coach, friend, "gopher"! and all around - everything. Some support from church, friends and family but they only see the me who is dealing with it. The not dealing with it me is where my husband comes in and helps me through it all. Don't mess around with doctors who only know how to run test after test and then can't tell you anything but they want to run another test! Get to someone who knows the correct tests to run.
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