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Does Anybody Have' Cognitive' Challenges......?
girlgeorg3 posted:

I havevarioous Cognitive Deficits----but sometimes, THEY ARE NO BIG DEAL.....................

..........................BUT, THEN, AT OTHER TIMES................

Lets just say I cannot be Trusted, to do my own Taxes---even though I owned a Coffee Shop, in The 90's! wow...

If I have had Adequate Rest,can keep Both My Painand my 'Stress Levels' Manageabe----(and its' Absolutely Perfect Day Outside: TheWeather can Really mess With Me!!! Then, I do Great-----But, So Many "Ifs"---You Know...?

Eating Well is Extremely Important, of course---I have Noticed that I cannot put 'Heinz 57/Auntjamima' in The So-Called Gas Tank, it gets me in 'Big Trouble'!

But,stll, at those times I may still Struggling, anyway: How Do I --or, rather You, out ther e, create 'Balance'....?

I guess I am looking for more 'Choices'------Execising is Great----and Yoga, too.And 'Diversions', like Watching a Movie.......

What else have any of You Found to be Heelpful for mr, God os #1!!!)
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PatriciaGrace responded:
Since I was treated for CCSVI with a venoplasty (January 2011) of my jugulars my cognitive symptoms have greatly improved. People tell me that I look 10 years younger now. I think it is because my affect is more pleasant and relaxed. My before and after videos show a striking physical difference. I am very wakeful and energetic now. My vision and hearing have returned to normal.
I am also taking curcumin (from the spice tumeric). It has been shown to improve cognitive function in patients with Alzheimers. I started Zumba (aerobic dance) one year ago. This has helped my balance and core strength. I have been gluten-free for 6 years. It causes a strange skin rash and if I eat anything with gluten in it I go into relapse.
lepman responded:
Yes very much so with me, I find it really hard to concentrate on the task at hand and staying focused and with short term memory and some long term memory too.. I have just had a Neurophysiology test done and waiting for the results..

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