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Help Our Community & Experts Help You - Please Read
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff posted:
Welcome to the WebMD Multiple Sclerosis Community! Please don't respond to this discussion. Instead, please read before you start your own new discussion. Here are a few tips to get the best response when asking about your MS symptoms and concerns.
  • To adjust your font size. Ctrl + to make larger. Ctrl - to make smaller.
  • If you have a question, please post it as a new discussion...being specific in your title as to your subject matter.
  • We have wonderful experts volunteering their time with us. Dr. Lava checks the community weekly and I also send our experts questions for consideration. Please understand, they are unable to diagnose or offer second opinions. Referring to problems with other physicians or asking questions that may contradict another professional's opinion can not be addressed.
  • Without examining a patient, there is no way our experts could give an accurate diagnosis, but they can provide tips on what may help, or what questions you should ask your doctor.
  • This community is fortunate to have expertly informed members as well. Many questions are answered by our members as they would be answered by our Experts. If you would like to call attention to our Experts, just begin the title of your post with either Dr. Lava, Dr. Rambaugh or simply Att: Expert.
  • Please understand titling or addressing your post to our experts will not prevent members for also offering advice and support.
  • Please check the date of discussions when replying. Some of the discussions you see, especially in the right hand column, are very popular but also very old. The original poster may not be following the discussion. So, please post your questions as NEW discussions rather than posting to a very old one. We don't want questions to get overlooked.
  • Please do not post in all caps. It is difficult to read and viewed as "shouting" in community forums and discussions.
  • When posting long discussions break into paragraphs. It is difficult to follow large blocks of print, so please break up your discussions into small paragraphs.

Yours in Health,
The WebMD Staff
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