rickander posted:
Has anyone ever included bee pollen with their diet? I also take niacin.

Bee pollen seems to have help me with the fatigue factor along with the pins and needle effects... I haven't had any issues really in months aand live in florida.

Although I'm lucky and when I get flair-ups in a sense., I'm fatugued bad of sorts., not what the usual flair up is from what I've been told.

Again., since including bee pollen., it seems to make a difference
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terryirishlady responded:
Thank you for that information, I never heard of that before. I usually just take a multi vitamin for over 50 and extra vitamin d. I have used the bee pollen in a cream for skin years ago. I am glad it is working for you!
rickander replied to terryirishlady's response:
You may want to take calcium/magnisium also..I've heard that helps you body absorb it better with taking the vitamin D

I also take B-6, Niacin, fishoil, C and 1-2000 iu of D., I considered taking a multi -vitamin but actually make up a
vitamin pack and allow the food I eat to get the rest.
Niacin helps clean you out and is good for the nervious
system, you can get the one's so your skin doesn't flush.