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    gojude posted:
    Use the BOLD type to make the type at least a little more legible for those with visual issues.

    Use the BOLD type to make the type at least a little more legible for those with visual issues.

    Notice the difference?

    ~space cadet~
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    justducky65 responded:
    bolder type is a must for me..... I guess I will get use to the rest .

    Debi :(
    bjoanne replied to justducky65's response:
    has anyone been misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia?
    bjoanne responded:
    gojude:\Hi, first time here, sorry. HOW do I make It bold?
    bjoanne replied to bjoanne's response:
    Been here 1/2 hour and already learned something new. I don't know the etiquette of this forum, please forgive my clumsiness. My sister was diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimers. They discovered it was ms after she died. I have been dealing with fibromayalgia and chronic fatigue the past ten years. I wonder if I have been msidiagnosed, as well.
    hackwriter replied to bjoanne's response:

    If you start a new thread, introduce yourself and include your questions, you'll get more responses.

    missspills replied to bjoanne's response:
    You can always ask your doctor to refer you to a neurologist.
    At the moment MRI's can rule out or confirm lesions in the brain. Thus you will at most know if you have MS or a mixture of the two.Fibro and MS do have pain but fibro effects the shoulder etc. area more so than MS I think.
    missspills replied to bjoanne's response:
    I was bjoanne in 2005. I was given Lyrica which did help at the time. I hated pain radiating all over.Im from Arizona originally so,the heat along with pain kept me confined inside a lot.
    When I moved to Ohio I was taken off Lyrica and given Gabapenten which did not work as good as Lyica.
    They have a nerve conduction test to check for Fibro and asst. nerve issues. I had it done in AZ. You wear these little nerve shooting things on your feet and then hands an then elec. currents are used to check your reaction.

    Personally I think it felt like a TENS unit.
    :D Hope your having a good day bojanne
    justducky65 replied to bjoanne's response:
    hi ! Yes I was DX with FM about 15 years before my MS dx.

    I dont notice it anymore since I have regular MS symptoms.... ha ha not sure if thats good or bad. do you have both MS & FM???

    Debi :)

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