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    GigiSage posted:
    I created this exchange for those who are actively planning, has had or curious about having an unmedicated birth either at home, a birthcenter or hospital.

    This is really meant to be a judge free zone. If you have questions please ask but please do not judge those who would choose what some people call 'alternative' choices. Not everyone has the same beliefs.
    MtnPrincess responded:
    Awesome new board! Thank you for creating it!
    GigiSage replied to MtnPrincess's response:
    No problem! I hope this community grows! I found that a lot of people are not supportive of 'alternative' birth and have a mentality that modern medicine will solve everything. I am always amazed at reading birth stories where they got the epi but did not learn how to manage the pain they felt until they could get it and how it 'ruined' their experience. That just never made any sense to me! You know that you will not get the epi until contractions are pretty close so why would you not learn about pain management before to get you through that time?
    janessas1 replied to GigiSage's response:
    Yeah! I'm excited about this board!! I am planning a homebirth with 2 midwives and due March 18th! I am having 2 midwives attend because one is still trying to achieve her next level of certification, so she's there to learn/train.
    Originally I planned on a natural Bradley birth at a hospital, but after much research, I decided to go the home birth route and I'm SO excited for it!! I'll let you all know how it goes after she gets here!
    alenamommy4 responded:
    just want to say that its nice to have a place to talk with people that share the same intrest as you.i have three children.i am 13 weeks pregant with my fourth baby.i've had all three of my babys in the hospital with out any meds.hopeing i can have this baby the same.but today i went to the er for bleeding found out that i have what thay called a low lined placenta and if the placenta dosent grow along with the utarus that i would have to have a c/s.i've never had any problums with any of my im real worried about this.if anyone could give me some info that would be nice.hopefully i will be able to have this baby the same way.
    GigiSage replied to alenamommy4's response:
    I have never heard of that being diagnosed soo early... and from what I understand the placenta moves during your pregnancy. I am sure it will be something the will check at 20 weeks. Have you looked it up on WebMD yet? You can always post your question in the main Pregnancy board and see if the doctor answers it. Why not? He has answered some of the 'could I be pregnant' questions that are absolutely insane.

    Congrats though on being pregnant though! And even if you would have to have a c-section for that reason they wouldn't let you go into labor so you would have a better recovery then someone who had an emergency one. Plus you would be a great VBAC candidate since you have had three successful vaginal deliveries. Sorry I am a bright side sort of person. :)
    MtnPrincess replied to alenamommy4's response:
    Wow, 13 weeks is early to be diagnosed. I had this with my VBAC baby. At my 20 weeks u/s they found it was only a couple cm off my cervix, but by 28 weeks it had moved up a lot and I was good to go. I had a friend who had placeta previa and all her u/s showed it was still there. Well, the day of her scheduled c/s she insisted on one last u/s, and it had completely moved away! Unfortunatly baby got stuck in her pelvis anyways, so she still ended up with a c/s, but it wasn't because of the previa! Chances of it NOT moving are really rare. I wouldn't worry about it. You just might have to have a few extra u/s's (I only had one extra) to make sure it's moving/growing well with the uterus. :)
    alenamommy4 replied to MtnPrincess's response:
    yeah hopefully every thing will work out.i just realy want to have this baby with no complications.the docter says my placenta is half way over my cervics.he will check it at my 20 week ultrasound.ive talked to a few people that had the same thing and every thing worked out for them so it gives me some hope.but on the other hand my sister had placenta previa thay didnt know she almost died from it.

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