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41 weeks today!
GigiSage posted:
Ok so tomorrow night is my induction (still praying I go on my own at some point today or tomorrow) and we are still on the Yellow team so I thought it would be fun to have you ladies guess what we will have! I am super excited to find out and I don't really care either way. Despite how everyone else seems to think I should care... it's our first! Either way would be nice!

So the beginning I didn't even think I was pregnant and even had a beer since I was so sure of it. Found out at 5 weeks that I was, around 8 weeks started having morning sickness, my breasts became tender (stayed that way too!) and I had an aversion to pretty much all proteins and to tomatos. I just could not stomach any type of tomato sauce! Around 20 weeks my morning sickness stopped and around 25 weeks I could start eating tomato sauce again. Since then things have been a breeze! Until 36 weeks I didn't even want to be touched then suddenly it was like a switch got flipped and our sex life came back from the grave. I never got the spark of energy everyone talks about and literally this entire pregnancy I have wanted to sleep. It's exhausting!

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janessas1 responded:
I say girl. Maybe you've had him or her by now too!!
GigiSage replied to janessas1's response:
LOL not yet! I am at the hospital now though!
janessas1 replied to GigiSage's response:
Had the baby yet? i hope so! I'm so jealous!! I am SO VERY ready for my little girl to get here!!
hipk427 responded:
sorry i am just getting on i am sure you have had that baby by now...i hope everything worked out the way you wanted it to...and i def think its a boy!

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