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GigiSage posted:
Does anyone know good resources for VBACs? I am trying to assemble a list of questions for my 6 week post partum visit. I don't want to find out when it is too late that I didn't do something and it hurt my chances of a successful VBAC.
cehobbs1445 responded:
The best resource is the net really, I had 2 VBAC's, my 1st, I had the epidural, my 2nd I went way to fast. I had to go natural. I am preggers with #4, finally a girl, we are going to try another VBAC, but I must admit I am going for the epidural. My labor goes extremely fast and comes on like a rocket. I went from 2 to 10 cm with each of my 3 in 45 minutes flat. My 1st was a c because he was breech. Both my VBAC's were sucessful as far as a VBAC is concerned. I did not have any compications or issues that would prevent me from having another.
Panjo responded:
I highly recommend ICAN- International Cesarian Awareness Network. They have local chapters all over to offer women support. Here's a link to their VBAC page. Congratulations on your new babe!
MNHall responded:
There are lots of great VBC computer just crashed and I lost them all! :( So, I'll be on the serach for all of mine again...i believe one was just

Also, I frequent a mothering dot com website, they have a specific VBAC board..again, I need to search it back out. But they have a bunch of resource stickies at the top. Plus, talking with other VBAC'ing women is priceless!!!
SageBirth responded: and are both great resources. Another great resource is to get involved in your local birth network or to hook up with a doula in the area. We doulas can help give you a wealth of information on besting your VBAC success rate, getting your well rounded information, and helping to make sure that your care providers are giving you balanced information - not just their malpractice guidelines.
triss84 replied to SageBirth's response:
How can I get out of the loop!!! I feel like that is all I have recieved from my Dr. is his malpractice advice. My insurace is Kiaser and I have felt like just a number since I made the switch :( I am full force seeking a VBAC and my doctor or should I say group (because you have no idea who will actually be delivering your baby, chances are you won't know them from Adam) has placed me as a good canidate given I don't go into preterm labor. Just some key points to research would be a great help. The last thing I want to happen is to be bullied into a decision I don't want because of lack of knowledge.

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